Discover why composition matters. The algorithm of harmony

Composition matters is a science organisation researching awareness of composition as the fundamental factor in the perception of beauty in art. Our main area of research is painting and graphics. We abstract from the content or message of works to focus solely on their purely visual impact.

  • We are looking for works in any style and with any content. However, their composition, that is the relations between distinct forms, must be in a state of equilibrium such that introducing any change would reduce the expressive value of the whole. If in your opinion a painting you created is composed in such a way that its composition cannot be improved, please send us a reproduction. We will use it in our studies and might contact you to discuss the rights to distribute it and potentially acquire the original.
  • We are further looking for people who might not be painters, but are capable of identifying paintings created according to these criteria. If you think you are sensitive to visual composition, send us ten or more examples of what you consider to be such paintings. We will contact you to discuss a possible collaboration.

Iwo Zaniewski